What is Integrated Circuit | Types and Usage

Integrated Circuit or IC is one such small electronic device. In which resistors, capeciter and mainly transistors etc. Remains fabricated.  Or a small chip or small piece of silicon on which these electronic components are embedded. IC is called integrated circuit. Most electronic components contain silicon ie semiconductor material. IC is also in these, after the arrival… Continue reading What is Integrated Circuit | Types and Usage

How A Biomass Power Station Works

Biomass Biomass grows up to 10 million seedlings a year in nursery. They will generate 30 MW of electric power by growing the seedlings into trees, processing the timber logs into woodchips, and burning them during a biomass power station. Trees enter the woodchipper from the left, woodchips are lit to heat the boiler, from… Continue reading How A Biomass Power Station Works

MCB | Working principle and Application

What is MCB? Miniature circuit breaker, commonly known as MCB. This device-operated switch-cum-circuit is a safety device. After overload and short circuit occurs it disrupts the circuit. And mcb is used for this purpose. It is used as an alternative to fuses for home applications. Where power is cut off when there is a short… Continue reading MCB | Working principle and Application

Conductor | classification and types, Used

What is a Conductor called this type and conductor material You must have often heard about the conductor somewhere or have read what the conductor says and what are the types of the conductor. If you still have not been told that you did not understand what substance is called after the conductor, today in… Continue reading Conductor | classification and types, Used