Diode | Types and Working principle of Diode

What is Diodes? The diode is an electronic component. Which allows current to be flow in just one direction. Its two terminal. In the diode which is the line of Silver Color. The Terminal Cathode is on that side and the tip of the diode is the tip of the triangle is the cathode. And… Continue reading Diode | Types and Working principle of Diode

Ohm’s Law Definition and Formula

Ohm’s Law Definition The great scientist of Germany, Dr. George Simon Ohm, gave a rule in 1826. This law establishes the relationship between the charged potential difference at the ends of a conductor and the current flowing in that conductor. This law is called Om’s law. According to Ohm’s law “If the physical states of… Continue reading Ohm’s Law Definition and Formula

Fleming’s right-hand rule|Definition and Describe

Fleming’s right-hand rule We saw in Faraday’s electromagnetic induction rule that the motions of the coil and therefore the magnet are driven by the movement of electrical current and also the force induced by this force. current is additionally generated. Fleming’s right-hand rule is used to search out the worth of the direction of this… Continue reading Fleming’s right-hand rule|Definition and Describe